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What makes Gabriel-Glas different?

“One For All” – The Preferred Universal Wine Glass
What’s more important to the wine enthusiast — a cupboard full of fragile wine glasses in different sizes and shapes, or a good supply of an acclaimed all-purpose, universal wine glass and a cellar full of wine? The “One for All” Gabriel-Glas is ideal for any style and varietal of wine. The stunning lead-free crystal glass is offered in two qualities —the “workhorse” StandArt wine glass, and the “paper-thin” mouth-blown Gold Edition Gabriel-Glas. Both versions of Gabriel-Glas are sublime examples of form following function: The glass functions to fully express the wine it delivers, be it Champagne, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling or Chardonnay – any wine shines in Gabriel-Glas. And the glass’s graceful form is a unique silhouette pleasurable to the senses.

Designed to Decant
Form follows function: Gabriel-Glas is designed to act as a gentle decanter that allows the flavors and aromas of wine to emerge in the glass and then delivers it to the palate in a manner that expresses even the subtlest flavors. The glass’s broader-based bowl – 95 millimeters wide — along with the gentle conical shape at the top of the glass — 66-millimeters at the mouth – is a shape engineered for maximum sensation. Get close to the wine: The glass’s elegant and striking shape enables a wine’s aroma to emerge in the vessel and allows a wine’s nuances to unfold. The glass delivers an extremely enjoyable wine drinking experience.

Elegant & Durable
The Gabriel-Glas is strong by design. Both the StandArt and the Gold Edition glasses are fused as seamless vessels with no stress points, differentiating them from many glasses that have a seam at the base of the bowl where it affixes to the stem and another where the stem affixes to the footplate. As a seamless glass, Gabriel-Glas is more durable than many other glasses on the market. The Gabriel-Glas StandArt glass is molded with a wider base at the bottom of the glass and a conical shape at the top, designed to drive the bouquet and flavors of wine. The glass is wonderfully balanced, durable yet elegant, space-saving and economical. An everyday go-to glass. The Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition glass, shaped exactly like the StandArt glass, is an exquisite mouth-blown vessel, painstakingly crafted by master artisans. The “lighter than air” Gold Edition glass offers great finesse and delivers a sensational wine-drinking experience. It is supremely elegant and delicate, yet surprisingly durable.

Dishwasher Safe
Gabriel-Glas is dishwasher safe. However, not all dishwashers, dishwasher soaps, and dishwasher loaders are created equal! Our glasses are lead-free crystal and seamless making them durable, but like all fine things, they must be handled with care.

What People Are Saying About Us:

“We not only use Gabriel-Glas for our consumer tastings, I use them for all of my barrel tastings and blending trials as well.  They are a perfect all around balanced wine glass.  I even use the Gold Edition glasses at home, they are extremely light and have replaced my older collection of various shaped stems.”

Ted Henry
Winemaker, Clos du Val

“We love the Gabriel glass!  It is our first choice of glass for virtually all wines, including sparkling wine and champagne.”

Fritz Hatton
Proprietor, Arietta Winery
Allison from Hall Family Wines

“Rene Gabriel’s unique glass design brings the signature expressions of my wines immediately into focus. They are an elegant and visually balanced glass that I use at home and in the blending lab. The design is so clean and contemporary we selected them for our Healdsburg WALT-BACA tasting room.”

Alison Frichtl Hollister
Senior Winemaker, HALL Wines


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