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Auction Napa Valley Announcement

Auction Napa Valley Announcement
May 29, 2018 Gabriel Glas
In Press & News
Auction Napa Valley

We’re thrilled to partner with the great American race car driver Danica Patrick in pairing her stunning Napa Somnium Cabernet with the Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition wine glass and Alpha Decanter for Auction Napa Valley.

Bids will be accepted on the e-auction lot until June 2, 2018. And as bids start to race, please consider purchasing Gabriel-Glas at our normal retail price.

The Alpha Decanter and “One for All” wine glass are certain to impress. Shop now for Father’s Day, June 17.

Please consider our two-glass gift box set as a perfect gift for Dad, or for yourself!

Click here for the e-auction lot.