Cocktail Glasses and Stemware We Love for Special Occasions

Even if you’re not the type to roast a heritage bird for the holidays or to attempt a seven-course fish feast in your tiny apartment, you can still make a simple yet deep impression on your guests by serving thoughtful refreshments. Nice glassware can make all the difference over mismatched cups and jars. It will complement the drinks you like to serve, look good on the table, and be fun to use. In addition to the glassware we recommend in our guides to the best wine glasses, Champagne flutes, and drinking glasses, here are some beautiful, functional options that we’ve tested and love for serving wine, beer, and spirits on special occasions.

Cocktail Glasses and Stemware We Love for Special Occasions

The Upgrade Pick: Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass & Gabriel-Glas Universal Glasses

Really nice wine demands a really nice glass, and there are also times when you want to drink in style. That’s when you reach for one of these wine glasses. The Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass received high marks from all of the wine experts who participated in the taste tests for our guide to wine glasses. You may recognize these distinctively angular glasses from fancy wine bars and restaurants. And if you’ve enjoyed using them there, you may appreciate having a couple of your own, for truly special occasions and exceptional bottles of wine.

We found that this glass did an excellent job of highlighting the nuances of both red and white wines in a way that inexpensive wine glasses don’t. It’s not one of the main picks in our wine glasses guide because the tall silhouette, skewer-thin stem, and light-as-air hand-blown glass feel impractical, inspiring fear among the clumsy and uninitiated. (Our new upgrade pick, the Gabriel-Glas StandArt, is sturdier and still excellent.) The Zalto’s height and lightweight can also make this glass feel unbalanced when it’s filled with a generous pour. But the Zalto is much stronger than it appears (ours survived multiple falls on hardwood and knocks against a counter). And, just like wearing a pair of stilettos, using one of these glasses can become second nature once you get a little practice in.

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