Gabriel-Glas, an Austrian brand, was born in 2010 and introduced into North America in 2013.  The people behind Gabriel-Glas have enjoyed years as highly experienced wine industry professionals. Meet the Founder, René Gabriel, and the Gabriel-Glas North America CEO, Tempe Reichardt!

René Gabriel: Founder, Gabriel-Glas

René Gabriel is a well-known Swiss/German wine critic and author of the the Weinbibel, one of the most comprehensive overviews of the wine world to date. Known for his numerous books and articles on wine authored in German, his world-famous tastings, radio interviews, and television appearances throughout the German-speaking world, René is highly respected by both wine connoisseurs as well as neophytes.  His style of educating his audience is extremely informative and entertaining. He views his approach to wine as “critical, versatile but very humorous.”

While authoring the definitive Weinbibel, René searched for a single all-purpose glass as an equal measure for the thousands of wines he tasted for his research.  Not finding a glass that performed to René’s requirements, he created Gabriel-Glas, a universal, lead-free crystal glass elegantly shaped to fully express the wine it delivers.

Today, René enjoys cooking, relaxing, and drinking wine out of his beautiful creation.  He splits his time between the town of Eschenbach, Switzerland, and his second home on the Canary Island of Tenerife.

Tempe Reichardt: CEO, Gabriel-Glas North America LLC

Tempe Reichardt: CEO, Gabriel-Glas North America LLC

Tempe Reichardt has enjoyed a colorful career as an international entrepreneur, and has had the pleasure of establishing luxury wine and wine related products in global markets. While living in Europe and managing her wine business based there, Tempe developed a professional and collegial relationship with René.

After Tempe sold her European based business and she returned to California, René asked her to collaborate with him in establishing Gabriel-Glas North America LLC. She jumped at the opportunity to form a company that is the exclusive importer of the stunning “One for All” lead-free crystal wine glass produced by Gabriel-Glas of Austria.

As CEO, Tempe proudly manages all aspects of North American business development for the highly regarded “One for All” Gabriel-Glas. She lives in Napa, California and enjoys drinking the wine of the world from Gabriel-Glas. (She even enjoys drinking a cocktail or two from Gabriel-Glas!)

Gabriel-Glas Rose wine in a universal stemware glass

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

- Leonardo da Vinci