Forget the Flute

Forget the Flute with Gabriel-Glas

During the holidays, we instinctively we want to celebrate and give thanks for our health, happiness, friendship, and family.  In that spirit, my husband and I—in our warm little bubble in Napa—have stocked up on some great wine to enjoy alone together throughout this stranger-than-fiction holiday season. Of course, we have Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet aplenty, but let’s talk about the wine that really lifts our spirits and brings a sparkle to the day—Champagne and sparkling wine!  And in our house, believe it or not, we FORGET THE FLUTE and go with the Gold Edition Gabriel-Glas for everything— including bubbles!


Yes indeed, a new day has come.  Over the centuries we have been told that there are essentially three “appropriate” types of champagne glasses to choose from.  Let’s explore:

– Flutes:  A tall, narrow glass, usually with a stem.  This glass allows for a lot of “bling” in that a congregation of carbonated bubbles scampers to the top of the glass.  Looks great, but can you really glean the aromas and truly taste the wine from such a vessel?


– Coupes:  These saucer-shaped, shallow bowl champagne glasses have a wide rim and a short stem and were very popular in the early 20th Century – think steamy night club scenes and swank dinner dances.  The coup looks showy in black and white, but in real life, the aromas and carbonation escape from the glass…


– Tulips:  These lovely stems are similar to the flute but have an inwardly curved rim, a longish body to the glass, and a short stem – the shape promotes that bling thing we’ve read about above…lots of bubbles.  Where’s the aroma, where’s the fruit – is it lost in this glass?


Hello Gabriel-Glas!

There is no question in this author’s mind that the Gold Edition Gabriel-Glas is THE glass for Champagne, Prosecco, and other delightfully bubbly beverages!  That’s right.  Forget the flute and go with Gabriel-Glas for Champagne and anything else your heart desires that’s served in a glass. Here’s why:


– The broader base of the bowl of Gabriel-Glas allows for the sparkling wine to have more surface to air contact, so the delicate flavors and aromas of the wine are beautifully revealed with the gentle aeration afforded by the glass.


– At the same time, the graceful conical shape at the top of the glass captures the delicate aromas and acts to “drive” them for the greatest olfactory satisfaction.


– Taking a sip of Champagne or bubbles from Gabriel-Glas, the broader base of the vessel and conical shape at the top allows for the even disbursement of the wine on one’s palate, so that the full impact of the flavors and aromas is revealed, expressed, and delivered from the elegant vessel.


Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition


While sparkling wine’s carbonation isn’t quite as intense in Gabriel-Glas, the “lighter than air” Gold Edition mouth-blown Gabriel-Glas provides an ethereal, sensual, and delightful wine drinking experience, for Champagne or any other style of wine you might enjoy this holiday season!

A votre santé!