Gabriel-Glas to help on Community Rebuild Process after Napa Fires

The devastating wildfires that continue to burn in Napa, Sonoma and elsewhere in California are slowly coming under control.  Now the community faces the daunting task of rebuilding while at the same time suffering from posttraumatic stress.  Gabriel-Glas wants to do its part to help the community rebuild.  We will donate 10% from sales of the “One for All” two-glass gift box sets, and all other Gabriel-Glas products, placed on our website between now and November 1. With your purchase of Gabriel-Glas you will help to rebuild a national treasure, our lovely wine country communities.

We will contribute 10% of sales to the following charitable organizations that are supporting recovery in thoughtful and strategic manner:

Community Foundation of Sonoma County Resilience Fund

Napa Valley Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund

While so many winemakers, chefs, farmers, small business people and residents are suffering complete loss, or have lost loved ones, we at Gabriel-Glas count ourselves amongst the fortunate as our team, our families, homes, office and inventory are unscathed.  We grieve for others who are less fortunate, and we want to encourage visitors to the region so that tourism once again rebounds.

Many of the wineries that use Gabriel-Glas, and merchandise our sets of two glasses, and other Gabriel-Glas products, came very close to the fires’ destructive path. We are pleased to inform you that none of our winery clients are reporting damage.  Our dear friend Aaron Pott of Pott Wine, and other stellar brands, reports that his property on Mt. Veeder miraculously remained untouched by the hellfire. Sadly, many others along the Silverado Trail in Napa, or dotted around Sonoma, are as less fortunate.

Please visit to place your orders for the two-glass gift box sets, or for the one or six-glass gift box sets, or for our lovely lead-free crystal decanters and barware.   If you wish to order them now for delivery at a later date, please call our office:  888-220-3464 and we can process orders per your delivery specifications.  Thank you for helping us rebuild Napa and Sonoma, and for supporting a business based in Napa while we collectively contribute to the recovery process.  Gabriel-Glas is “One for All”.

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