Gabriel-Glas “One for All” Wine Glass Expert Video Reviews

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Gabriel-Glas “One for All” Wine Glass Expert Video Reviews

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…it’s genius that Gabriel-Glas does…

Mark Bright is Sommelier and  Co-owner of the Michelin three-starred San Francisco-based restaurant Saison, and owner of Les Clos Wine Bar.

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…Rene Gabriel, wine is…

Rene Gabriel explains what makes the Gabriel Glas so different from ordinary wine glasses.

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…one glass for all our wines…we found it…

Georg Salzner, who hails from Austria, is the President and General Manager of Castello di Amorosa, the stunning Calistoga, California winery built to be a replica of a European castle.  He has been using the Gabriel-Glas Wine Glass, exclusively for his tastings for over 3 years.

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Unboxing Gabriel Glas Gold & Coravin Model Two Elite

Exotic Wine Travel unboxing the Gabriel Glas Gold Edition, Hand Blown Glass and the Coravin Model Two Elite Wine Access System. We will be using both of these products in our upcoming series on the wines of Santa Barbara County. Discover rare wines and unique wine regions with us!

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…a universal glass…is perfect for me…

Debbie Brown managed some of Northern California’s top wineries before becoming the long-standing Manager of Gavin Newsom’s PlumpJack Wine Store in San Francisco.

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…our favorite…really, our only wine glass…

Fritz Hatton is the Proprietor of Arietta Wine, located in St. Helena, California.  Fritz is also  auctioneer of the Napa Valley Wine Auction, and wields the gavel at Zachy’s wine auctions in Hong Kong and elsewhere, and at number of charity wine auctions around the country.

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…a glass like this…allows the best result…

Joel Peterson is the pioneering visionary, Founder and Winemaker of Ravenswood Winery — he one of the great icons of the California wine industry who has continuously pushed new boundaries for Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet and other varieties.

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Click each link below to hear from even more experts!

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“The mouth-blown Gabriel-Glas is my go-to wine glass.”

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“For the last 20 years, one mark of a serious wine connoisseur has been a cabinet spilling over with specific glasses for every varietal. But lately a backlash against this tyranny of stemware has taken hold, and a number of fine-glass makers have responded with “universal” designs meant to enhance every sort of wine.

One of the best is the One for All by Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition. Mouth-blown in Slovakia from a design by the wine critic René Gabriel, its broad bowl increases the surface-to-air ratio, essentially decanting the wine in the glass, while its graceful curve channels aromas to the nose and gently delivers wine to the tongue.

All for One’s fans include influential sommeliers such as Mark Bright of Saison and Luke Kenning of Farallon, and after testing the glasses with wines from Barolo to Riesling, we too found ourselves reaching for this delicate vessel over the many others crowding the shelf.

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“I recently had the opportunity to obtain and review the “one for all” universal wine glass from Gabriel-Glas. I received both the StandArt (machine-molded) and Gold Edition (mouth-blown) versions. They are lead-free crystal and are made in Austria. The design of these wine glasses is meant to concentrate and enhance the aromas and flavors of the wine by using a bowl shape and size that complements every style of wine made. That’s right! Red, white, dry, sweet, sparkling, etc. This glass was built to complement them all.

I tasted both red and white wines in each version and the aromatics and flavors of all the wines were well pronounced, so I can say the shape of the two glasses does an effective job at concentrating the wine properly.

My personal thoughts on the Gabriel-Glas “one for all” universal wine glass:


1) I appreciate the seductive shape and feel of the glass. The stem is a good length to comfortably hold, and although thin and fragile in appearance, these bad boys do seem to be built well.

2) The glasses do a sound job of concentrating aromas and flavors to the top of the glass, as stated by the manufacturer.

3) The price of each version is reasonable and competitive for a high quality Austrian made, lead-free crystal wine glass.

At the end of the day I would absolutely recommend these wine glasses. They are well engineered and they feel astonishing in the hand. Plus, they are designed to offer a “one size fits all” wine glass you can use for any wine, any day of the week.”

…just a note…there were NO dislikes!…

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What We Are Drinking
We are drinking some wonderful aged wines from the cellar, along with plenty of refreshing, chillable whites and rosés as we are in the midst of a record-setting heat wave. The most interesting new drinking wrinkle is the stemware.
I have recently been introduced to a thrilling new wine glass from Gabriel-Glas, and had a chance to chat with designer René Gabriel.
I have been especially impressed by the aromatics released by this design.
“The main point of the glass,” Rene explained, “is to easily allow all the flavors coming up to your nose. I learned by doing this glass more about tasting wine and getting the flavors out.
The glass was first introduced (via somms and wineries) in Austria, and is now making its North American debut. There are two versions – hand blown and machine made. Both are light as a feather, yet strong enough for the daily washings I give them.

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Clear out the glass cabinet – the Gabriel-Glas StandArt glass is here. This “one-for-all” wine glass is ideal for every type of wine.

The shape of the glass bring out the flavors of each wine for maximum drinking pleasure. The best part of the glasses, beyond the elegant design, is that they are dishwasher safe!

Or bring it up a level with the Gabriel-Glas “Gold Edition”. Similar to the StandArt glass, the Gold Edition is a one-for-all drinker but is mouth-blown for a lighter feel. It is also dishwasher safe.

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These glasses really do make a difference. After doing a side by side tasting of the same wine in three different glasses, a Libbey, Riedel, and the Gabriel-Glas, the difference was amazing. The step up from the Libbey to the Riedel was expected, but the improvement the Gabriel-Glas made over the Riedel was truly surprising. These really are amazing wine glasses.