Glass mania in the wine world by Paul Franson

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Glass mania in the wine world

by Paul Franson

Do you need a different glass for every style of wine?

Wine glasses in Burgundy and Bordeaux are traditionally shaped differently.

Grape-specific wine glasses are based on where the wine hits your tongue which tastes only four things: (sweet, sour, bitter, and salt). Your nose on the other hand, can distinguish the thousands of scents that are the key to the flavor, complexity and pleasure of wine. Besides, where the wine hits the tongue differs by person and obviously, how much wine is left in the glass.”

The “One for All” Gabriel-Glas was designed by Swiss/German wine critic René Gabriel. It’s made of lead-free crystal in Austria and he claims it to be perfectly shaped to deliver the bouquet and flavors of white, red, sparkling and dessert wine.

The Gabriel-Glas also has a broad base and is a little more angular than The One. It’s also elegant, dishwasher safe and relatively sturdy.

It costs $29.

Gabriel-Glas North America is the importer. See