Inside Scoop SF’s Jon Bonné features Gabriel-Glas in a gift guide

Jon Bonné wrote a gift guide for the holidays, shining a spotlight on Gabriel-Glas for a universal wine glass:

“The worthy entry this year is from Gabriel-Glas, which somewhat resembles its Austrian counterpart, Zalto. While the Zalto glasses follow the model of a different shape for each type of wine, Gabriel-Glas went the other way, with a “One for All” design meant to flatter a wide range of wine styles. That’s welcome news to wine lovers who don’t want to buy a full range of glassware — and while the Gabriel-Glas stems aren’t inexpensive ($29 apiece) they are surprisingly durable and work, as a universal glass, remarkably well. In truth, there’s a second glass in Gabriel-Glas’ line — a $55 handblown version that’s featherweight but otherwise quite similar in shape. It’s too late to order from the Gabriel-Glas online store ( in time for Christmas, but you can find them at such local stores as Plumpjack, Paul Marcus Wines, Artisan Wine Depot and Bay Grape.”

You can find the article on the Inside Scoop SF website.