Wine Glass Set of Two

Meet Our Newest Customers

There’s been a lot of excitement at Gabriel-Glas this year, with many new customers coming on board and repeat orders from happy customers throughout North America.  Our two-glass gift box set of the StandArt glass continues to be our overwhelming best selling unit, but customers are also buying the one- and six-glass gift box sets in ever-increasing numbers.  And at the same time, our wholesale business has gone through the roof.  New restaurants, retailers and wineries are gravitating toward Gabriel-Glas as a simple, elegant and extremely pleasurable wine drinking vessel.  Here are some of our new and exciting customers of late:

These are just a handful of the “breakthroughs” Gabriel-Glas has experienced in recent months.

Wine industry professionals and enthusiasts alike are gravitating toward Gabriel-Glas, a stunning “market disrupter”, because the glass just simply performs.  The “One for All” Gabriel-Glas — with it’s broader base at the bottom of the bowl allowing for more surface to air contact, and it’s graceful conical shape at the top of the glass which drives aromas —  is the ideal glass for any style of wine.

And in celebration of the holiday season, Gabriel-Glas is offering a FREE SHIPPING coupon for domestic orders placed on our website for  over  $ 100.  Use coupon code CHEERS at checkout,  Offer valid through December 15, 2018.  Our two-glass gift box sets are great gifts, or buy more glasses for yourself for holiday entertainment.  Cheers!