Napa Chamber of Commerce – Revolution or Evolution?

Today’s guest columnist, Tempe Reichardt, CEO of Gabriel-Glas, is a perfect example of engaging, connecting and collaborating with the Napa Chamber of Commerce. A proud, participating NCC member since June 2015, Reichardt’s Napa-based company has made great strides growing the business in a very short time.


As a child of the ‘60s, I was schooled in the concepts and philosophies of revolution and have observed many unfolding — with mixed results — around the world.

I sidestepped revolution in favor of the natural evolution of things to come. Now with the introduction of Gabriel-Glas of Austria into North America, I’m proud to be fomenting a “One for All” wine glass evolution.


Gabriel-Glas is ideal for any kind of wine — a “universal glass” with style and distinction. It’s a lead-free crystal wine glass specifically designed to express fully the flavors and aromas of wine in the glass.


Start your evening with sparkling wine in Gabriel-Glas, followed by your favorite cabernet, and round out the night with a fabulous late harvest riesling — all served in the same glass. Then put the glass in the dishwasher and call it a day.


Simplify life! Rather than washing a lot of glasses you’ll have more time for fun, and a bigger budget to spend on wine rather than on a multitude of varietal-specific glasses that take up space.


As Gabriel-Glas continues to win hearts and minds, I was thrilled when Travis Stanley asked me to be a guest columnist in the Napa Valley Register.


He’s a fan of the glass.

“Since receiving my Gabriel-Glas as a gift, it is the only stemware I use at home,” said Stanley.


“I only had one and didn’t allow anyone else to use it, including my wife (she’s known to break a wine glass or two). I have since purchased a set of six and it makes sharing good wine with family and friends so much easier and enjoyable,” he said.


It’s definitely great for family and friends but top winemakers are using Gabriel-Glas in their cellars because of its superior delivery of the elements of their wine as presented in the glass. Michelin-starred restaurants are using Gabriel-Glas because the glass is elegant, balanced and durable, makes wine taste better and is easy for staff to manage.


The In Situ restaurant in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art chose Gabriel-Glas for all of the above reasons.


And sommelier Mark Bright, co-owner of Saison restaurant in San Francisco, said, “It’s the most versatile glass I’ve ever used. I’ve really put it through the wringer.”


While a glass revolution is unlikely given the entrenched ideas about stemware, I’m all for a gentle evolution toward a simpler solution that delivers a pleasurable glass of wine in a supremely functional and aesthetic vessel.


Power to the people! Free us from the tyranny of so many wine glasses! Join the “one glass” revolution today by contacting Tempe Reichardt, CEO of Gabriel-Glas North America LLC, by email,, or call 888-220-3464 ext. 2.

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