The Gabriel-Glas Travel Case with a Corkscrew

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This lightweight stylish case is extremely durable, holidng the glasses in secure cut out slots. It also includes a lock and key.

The Gabriel-Glas Travel Case with a Corkscrew

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For many of our very loyal partners and customers (and for the Gabriel-Glas team), Gabriel-Glas has become THE ONLY wine glass and we hate to leave home without it! So now it’s possible to take Gabriel-Glas wherever the path may lead you. Pack Gabriel-Glas in our durable, lightweight, sexy and easy-to-transport Travel Case. Carry Gabriel-Glas onboard flights, check it as checked luggage, stash it in the trunk of your car, strap it onto the back of your bicycle! Never go anywhere without it!

Choose the Travel Case and Corkscrew with either two Gold Edition glasses or two StandArt glasses.


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Weight 4 lbs
Travel Case & Corkscrew

With two-glass box set of the Gold Edition, With two-glass box set StandArt


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