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Revenue Boosters for Wineries

In this scary time of winery tasting room closures, social distancing and shelter at home orders, D2C sales for many products sold through e-commerce have been very strong. Supply chains are fluid and consumers are shopping from home.

Wayfair, a major on-line housewares retailer, shares their current view of the market:

“With most physical retail shut down and individuals increasingly required to remain in their homes, many citizens are largely or entirely reliant on e-commerce, and the logistics network that supports e-commerce, to keep them fed, clothed and supplied. With the home being the focal point of our customers’ lives, they are turning to items we provide, such as home office furniture, bedding, cooking and dining products, to help establish their new patterns of life while sheltering at home.”
At Gabriel-Glas we have noticed a strong response to our most recent D2C marketing campaigns, with consumers placing orders on our retail website.


Here are two possible scenarios:

1. Either you place wholesale orders for any of our products at or call us at 888-220-3464, and we ship under standard terms to your warehouse facility so you can fulfill your own D2C orders.
2. Or you make offers to your D2C customers and then you simply pass along the orders to us to fulfill from our pick-and-pack center. You charge your customer retail plus shipping, and we bill you at wholesale plus shipping.

Many of our winery partners are already meeting with success with D2C sales of Gabriel-Glas. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss the simple process of adding another revenue source to your business. Your D2C customers will certainly enjoy Gabriel-Glas in the comfort and safety of their own homes!

Thank you in advance for your collaboration in growing our business as you grow yours. It’s a win-win.

Be well!

Tempe Reichardt
CEO, Gabriel-Glas North America LLC
888-220-3464, ext. 2