The SOMM Journal and Gabriel-Glas

The Somm Journal’s Anthony Dias Blue uses Gabriel-Glas in his wine tasting…

Gabriel-Glas is exclusively used in the Somm Journal feature “Worth Braying About

We are honored that the SOMM Journal’s Los Angeles Panel climbed through a vertical of Martinelli Jackson Vineyard Zinfandel using Gabriel-Glas!

The tasting panel included: Mary Thompson, General Manager, Saint Martha Restaurant, Los Angeles; Regina Martinelli, Executive Vice President, Martinelli Winery & Vineyards; Anthony Dias Blue, Editor in Chief, The SOMM Journal; Dana Farner, Senior Wine Advisor, Soutirage, Yountville; Anthony Lerner, Sommelier, Mastro’s, Beverly Hills; Waldo Cesoni, Director of Restaurants, Casa del Mar, Santa Monica.

Worth Bragging About - The SOMM Journal