Sommelier, Kuhlman Cellars – Jeremy WIlson (Texas Wine Lover Blog)

I recently had the opportunity to obtain and review the “one for all” universal wine glass from Gabriel-Glas. I received both the StandArt (machine-molded) and Gold Edition (mouth-blown) versions. They are lead-free crystal and are made in Austria. The design of these wine glasses is meant to concentrate and enhance the aromas and flavors of the wine by using a bowl shape and size that complements every style of wine made. That’s right! Red, white, dry, sweet, sparkling, etc. This glass was built to complement them all.

I tasted both red and white wines in each version and the aromatics and flavors of all the wines were well pronounced, so I can say the shape of the two glasses does an effective job at concentrating the wine properly.

My personal thoughts on the Gabriel-Glas “one for all” universal wine glass:


1) I appreciate the seductive shape and feel of the glass. The stem is a good length to comfortably hold, and although thin and fragile in appearance, these bad boys do seem to be built well.

2) The glasses do a sound job of concentrating aromas and flavors to the top of the glass, as stated by the manufacturer.

3) The price of each version is reasonable and competitive for a high quality Austrian made, lead-free crystal wine glass.

At the end of the day I would absolutely recommend these wine glasses. They are well engineered and they feel astonishing in the hand. Plus, they are designed to offer a “one size fits all” wine glass you can use for any wine, any day of the week.